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  • Artist Info: Hello, My name is Mara. (Im half Spanish, hlaf puerto rican french.) I believe in divine and mercyful creatures and I also believe in dark and painful creatures....i also believe, that we humans are the worst of creations, why? because of curiosity....what makes angels become fallen to earth, to ground. <br />
    I am truley inlove with theology, medicine and science. I love to sing,hear music, play drums and to draw (also watch anime and read manga) <br />
    Nature resides in me, i love her as she loves me...we should respect her and fear her, because as God is everywhere, the devil is too. I love to see the sun rise and the sun set, also dawn , twilight and dusk. Its indeed enchanting. X)<br />
    <br />
    My favorite anime/mangas are Naruto, Bleach, Gakuen Alice, Vampire Knight, After School Nightmare, Fire Candy, Shugo Chara and Special A....<br />
    Im deeply inlove with Ulquiorra!!!! XDDDDDDD<br />
    I love to have interesting conversations, I can hold any type of conversation with you, if its new to me...<br />
    "he who cries" has my heart. He is somewhere, out there....and i shall be waiting....for him to come....<br />
    <br />
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