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    mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen <br />
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    Hello everyone! I'm Jigoku, and I'm fourteen. whee I live somewhere in America and I am completely random!! I take French and I hate it and love it at the same time. I moved to the U.S from Sweden about.....nine years ago. I love Sweden. Even though I don't know any history and stuff. I was six when I moved so don't blame me. I speak Swedish, but can't read/type it very well. Once in a while I visit and see all my friends!!! You guys rock!! Anyway.....that about sums it all up. Oh, and by the way, I prefer comments, instead of pms, unless it's private. Oh, and<br />
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    I'm also deeply interested in Astronomy and Writing. I would absolutely love your opinion on any of these subjects and would love to discuss it.
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