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  • Artist Info: Ello!! So you want to know something about me, eh? Well first off my real name is Molly not Riverpaw892. Imagine that! Um...I be 17 years of age and I am officially a SENIOR (yes i know seniors not capatalized but it is in my world ;P)!!! I absolutely adore otters ^_^ and mostly every other animal as a matter of fact but trust me i aint a peta freak either =) Im not sure how long ive been on Gaia...this avi is only like 50 or 60 some odd days...Anyway i raise animals in 4-H and im SPOSE to be in FFA but due to certain circumstances i am usually "unavailable" for the meetings..that probably doesnt make sense to you but whatever =P Yes...also im a leo RAWR :3 I love to tumble (gymnastics without bars and beams and stuff), i love to be outside except when im inside XD, and i love to read/write (sometimes) and be with my friends any chance i get ^_^ I wish...i was a dancer, didnt get car sick, and my parents would let me get another puppy &gt;=P but oh well some day. Im usually Republican..but not a die hard or anything...<br />
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