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  • Artist Info: I rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!!!!!!!! just jokeing, i think you rock 1/4 of what i rock. which means you rock alot!<br />
    but still not as much as i rock. well besides me rocking more than you i'm not that much. i have dog, black lab. when i waz little i was E.V.I.L EVIL!!!!!!!! i used to torture people. ohh... what... I still do. In that cause youre next mah ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! ok what are some other things about me?????? ohh... i know!! I like, no love pie! I like rideing my bike, taking long showers while singing on the top of my lungs!,(who dosen't!!) i like to play gaia,im in choir the last song we sang waz Respect. I got the solo and i rocked!!!!! ( of course) Im also in band. I play the trombone, which in the oldden days waz called a sack butt!!!!( tee hehehe dats a funney word) i also like..... i like...... well i can't think of anything so im gonna go now <br />
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