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  • Artist Info: Lovely profile made by New Text Message<br />
    Hi I'm Katie.(Kay-Tee)<br />
    My nicknames include Kat, Kate, and Val.<br />
    I am 19 years old.<br />
    My birthday is September 22nd 1989.<br />
    I'm not a person who is into video games. I'm a computer/music person.<br />
    My orientation is straight.(nothing against Bi's, Gay's, or lesbian's)<br />
    I am single. No i will not date you<br />
    I do freebies sometimes.(waist and up)<br />
    My Myspace<br />
    I have a twitter but I don't use it.<br />
    I live my life one music. <br />
    My favorite bands are ThreeDaysGrace, Breaking Benjmain, Skillet, Trapt, Evanescence, Linkin Park, 3OH!3, Avril Lavigne.<br />
    The type of music I listen to is Post-Grunge, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Christian Rock, Christian Metal, Alternative Rock, and Electronica. (I memorize some of them)<br />
    Any crushes? Thats secret<br />
    Meaning of my name? My name just expresses how I feel.<br />
    I can play heavy on Dance Dance Revolution.
    <br />
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