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  • Artist Info: Hai Hai! My names Megan but you can call me anything you want...i guess. I love chocolate and watching movies, and animes. My awesome friend is Kitsune Bev so go check out her profile! Im random, and i love being around friends so add me anytime :3 Im often bored and i might not go on all the time but im always on AIM so you could add me on there too biggrin im chinese and loving it ;]] im proud of my asianess<br />
    Name: Megan<br />
    AIM SN: chocolatekitkatz<br />
    Skype: idorkified<br />
    Favorite Sports: Tennis and Basketball<br />
    Favorite Colors: Blue (any shade...mostly navy blue(; ) Black, <br />
    Other colors i like: (sometimes) Red, Purple, Grey, White<br />
    Favorite Food: SUSHI <3<br />
    I love drawing and designing things especially drawing anime characters for practice ;] i HATE homework and anything that i have to be forced to do...<br />
    i love japanese food and japanese things ...<br />
    ASIANS FTW! (especially chinese) plus i practicly like any sport there is...not really. I mainly like Tennis, Basketball, and Soccor but some other sports are okay too like football and baseball ^^ my 5 fav sports. Lol some of my friends call me emo, but for the record I AM NOT EMO .__.<br />
    ill change my profile like every month or so, (i hate having things stay the same for a long time..so i change things often) this background if for June~ even tho its early)<br />
    <br />
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