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    I like anime, and screw you if you don't like me for that. Anyway, I'm Hikari (sometimes), Yuki(mostly), and Senpai(always). The world used to extend its arms to me and wrap me in its warm embrace, but now its back is turned away and I am left in a lonely cold corner. My only friends the ones who are stuck down here with me (except for one). My comfort is Anime, with whom I am deeply in love with. Say what you will to that statement, I will just brush it off and say, "Whatever, you goddamn bastard." So, this is me, and you can come visit me whenever- but I will sic my evil Leprichauns on you if you do... *inaudible mumbles* ( you see what the crazy pit has done to me?!) Oh, and also, I'm completely obsessed with Code Geass and Kingdom Hearts. If you go to the bottom of my page, you'll find a Code Geass mural, and underneath that are some characters from K.H. made on tektek. OMG, ROXAS! *glomps*<br />
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