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  • Artist Info: hey guys~ <br />
    panda here. c: <br />
    so i guess a few random facts to break the ice? /sweatdrop<br />
    &gt; i'm a total Harry Potter geektard. {SLYTHERIN FTW!}<br />
    &gt; i absolutely ADORE traveling, as well as drawing/painting and creating music. c:<br />
    &gt; anime fan too, but then again who isn't? ;D<br />
    so comes the cliche "i love to make friends and blah blah" but fo real, if this little intro didn't bore you to death {and i'm hoping it didn't because my insurance doesn't cover that } then why not? <br />
    unless you're some kind of murderer or psychopath. D: <br />
    but pfffft, why would those people be on gaia? right? RIGHT?!....<br />
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