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  • Artist Info: Hello. ;3 My name is Toni. I live in Washington ;o <br />
    Fav color - Red, blue, black, sometimes purple<br />
    Books - Science, fantasy and manga<br />
    Type of guy - Someone super sexy and is smart and nice at the same time. And not obsessed with how cool he is.<br />
    Age - 16<br />
    Clothes - Girly is a no no xD<br />
    Friends - Foreva<br />
    Home - Please please please kill me<br />
    Career - Marine biologist diver and study of chimps (After I graduate)<br />
    There ya have it. A short version of me. Feel free to comment. I like comments better than PMs anyways.<br />
    My old username was Black Hole of Androids btw.
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