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  • Artist Info: Hola amigos! I am Aya, which is NOT my real name, let me tell you! I wish it was. Anyway, as my username implies, I am a budding poet, soo expect many Ayriginals! LIKE MY PUN? Hahahh. ANYWAY, I really love all things LIONS. And, yes, as nerdy as it is, this includes all the Lion King movies. (1, 2, and 1 1/2) <br />
    Star Trek PWNS<br />
    Vampires rock, and I love everything about them. Evernight, House of Night, Blue Bloods, Twilight... I could go on. <br />
    Mah best fraaannnnnnnn forever and always is the user Natalie Anne Groger. <br />
    Maria is my main roleplay character, and she drives me nuts.<br />
    Maria: *pins me down*<br />
    Me: Okay, I'm having a difficult time tyoping in this position, so I'm gonna go.<br />
    Peace, love, and Pavel! Whoo!ILY NAT!!!!!!! <br />
    @}}}----'---.----<br />
    Aya's Story...<br />
    The nine year old girl darted down the night-cloaked alleyway. Her raven black hair blew out long and wavy behind her. Sweat beaded her pale skinned forehead, and her electric blue eyes were wild with fear and detrmination. She looked over her shoulder, running deeper into the darkness. Aya wanted to be anywhere, as long as it was away from /them/. <br />
    As Aya neared the end of the alley, she stopped cold. Another one?!?! She looked behind her, and the first guy was still there. She was cornered! <br />
    She was caught!<br />
    The only way out was up. So Aya unfolded her huge, ink black wings, and beat them downward. BUt suddenly, she felt a large hand grip her thin ankle, puling her dwnward. The two men pulled AYa down to earth, one grabbed her around her torso, with Aya trying to touch er feet to the ground. No such luck. <br />
    "Aieeeee!" Aya shrieked as the two men bound her wings andd shoved her into the back of a truck, with Aya fighting. Before she could strike, her mind floated deeper into unconsciousness.<br />
    <br />
    Aya's eyes opened to complete blackness. She blinked, hoping her eyes would hit against some blindfold or something, but no such luck. She was in the dark, her wings and limbs bound. She tried to shout, but her voice wouldn't work.<br />
    /Help/ She thought, struggling against the binds. <br />
    "Stop fighting, little girl," a woman's voice broke the dark void. A light came up, and Aya could see. Above her stood a tall, blonde haired woman with blue eyes so cold, Aya felt like she might freeze. Finding her voice, Aya yelled,<br />
    "Where am I?!"<br />
    "That is not your concern, child. I will talk and I will ask questions, and you will answer. Otherwise, you will keep quiet. Understood?"<br />
    Aya narrowed her eyes, but nodded.<br />
    She took the time to take in her surroundings. She was in what looked like an unfinished building. Everything was totally cement. Like they forgot to paint the walls and tile the floors.<br />
    "Who are you?" Aya glared at the woman.<br />
    The woman glared back at aya with her icy stare. Aya blinked and looked away.<br />
    Satisfied, the woman spoke.<br />
    "YOu may call me Dr. Nova." She practically hissed. "And I already know who you are, Aya Skylar Hunt."<br />
    **To be continued! Please comment!**<br />
    <br />
    YAYS FOR GIR!<br />
    <br />
    The Gir Song:<br />
    My name is Gir heres my cupcake<br />
    It's always here when I'm awake<br />
    I like to sing a doomy song it's better than wearing a thong<br />
    I like to dance to DDR I go to raves I am a star<br />
    I must obey the Tacoman <br />
    But not destroy Zim's master plan<br />
    Becuz I am Gir what the G stands for I don't know<br />
    But I got chocolate bubblegum and watch the angry monkey show<br />
    If I could exsplode that would be great<br />
    With bacon soap and moosey fate<br />
    It is the Irkins I represent <br />
    But I am tight with 50 Cent<br />
    <br />
    __8888888888____________________ <br />
    ____888888888888888_________________ <br />
    __888888822222228888________________ <br />
    _888888222I2222288888_______________ <br />
    888888222222222228888822228888______ <br />
    888882222222222222288222222222888___ <br />
    88888222222222LUV22222222222222288__ <br />
    _8888822222222222222222222222222_88_ <br />
    __88888222222222222222U22222222__888 <br />
    ___888822222222222222222222222___888 <br />
    ____8888222222222222222222222____888 <br />
    _____8888222222222222222222_____888_ <br />
    ______8882222222222222222_____8888__ <br />
    _______888822222222222______888888__ <br />
    ________8888882222______88888888____ <br />
    _________888888_____888888888_______ <br />
    __________88888888888888____________ <br />
    ___________888888888________________ <br />
    ____________888888__________________ <br />
    _____________8888___________________ <br />
    ______________88____________________ <br />
    ______________8_____________________ <br />
    ______________1_____________________ <br />
    _______________1____________________ <br />
    ________________1___________________ <br />
    _________________1__________________ <br />
    __________________1_________________ <br />
    __________________1_________________ <br />
    _________________1__________________ <br />
    ________________1___________________ <br />
    _______________1____________________ <br />
    ______________1_____________________ <br />
    ______________1_____________________ <br />
    _______________1____________________ <br />
    ________________1___________________ <br />
    _________________1__________________ <br />
    __________________1_________________ <br />
    ___________________1__________ <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Pretty cool, huh? wink
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