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  • Artist Info: Holas Muchachos! My name be Allison but you can NVR EVR call me that. My name to you is either Allie or Alssiee. Please please please don't random add. I hate tht. &gt;.&lt; anyways i hate ppl who tlk L1K3 D1S it annoys me so much.<br />
    Neways I'm TAKEN! &lt;3 By......... GRAHAM(: JK. Graham is my bff.
    <br />
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Hello darlinz tiz b Emz hackin the facuolouz Alssie<br />
    So wat cn i sai bout tiz chicky?<br />
    she ish awesome crazi weird hyper nd 1 hell of a fwiend<br />
    She wil hav youhr bck threw everythin nd N V R leave youh<br />
    She luvz music nd her friendz<br />
    She hatez liarz fakez nd bitchez <br />
    Shez had her heart brokenn alott ).:<br />
    nd dudez if youh break her heart ill kill youhz!<br />
    Mezz wit her nd youh mezz wit meh nd tht ish N O T a wise thing 2 do<br />
    So tlk 2 Alssie<br />
    nd add meh at<br />
    Xx-Hez_My_World-xX<br />
    Luv youh Alssie (no damn homo)<br />
    ~Emz~<br />
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Hey dis be Melissa Hackinn meh otherr half =]<br />
    I love this girl, she's crazy, outgoing and<br />
    freaking AMAZING!!!<br />
    NEVER call her plain Alice. Hates itt soo muchh Lovess. <br />
    This chicka loves black eyed peas and ke$ha &lt;33<br />
    ndd eminiem ndd rihanna<br />
    100% There forr youhh <br />
    Keepin my username a secret, <br />
    PM her if youh wanna talkk, loves <br />
    ~*Melz*~<br />
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    OH MI FUUCK ITS CALS WUS HERE ON 6/25/2010!!!!!<br />
    Okay so this chick is mi buddi!!<br />
    she is awesome amazing and fun <br />
    she will have chur back threw thick nd thin nd never leave chu<br />
    chu mess wiff herr ndd ill kill chuu <br />
    Chu just cant help but love herrr<br />
    music nd friends is whut her life is all about<br />
    mess wiff her friends nd chu will be deadd!!!<br />
    well ill let chu figure the rest out for chur self!<br />
    love chu Alssie [no ******** homo]<br />
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Heyy thiss iss Gabss heree hackingg Allsiee (:<br />
    Okay soo thiss girll iss onee hell of ann amazingg personn. xDD<br />
    andd holyy hell lett mee tell youu shess soo funn too talkk too mee andd herr havee somee very randomm conversationss andd awesomee conversationss(: <br />
    Shess alsoo a retard sometimess xDD inaa goodd wayy.<br />
    Dudee shee oncee wantedd thiss crystal boxx andd whichh shee payedd 24k forr andd shee endedd upp gettingg a 1k itemm xDD Nicee onee Allsiee(;<br />
    Shess onee of myy buddyss onn gaiaa(:<br />
    Allsiee iss awesomee andd dudee shee aintt changingg forr anybodyy shess perfectt thee wayy shee is soo gett it throughh yourr damnn headd. (:<br />
    Mess withh Allsiee andd I kickk yourr asss simplee as thatt(: Bee afraidd bee veryy afraidd (:&lt; <br />
    Anywayss Allsiee yourr ann amazingg friendd andd I owee youu bigg timee(:<br />
    Lovee youss(Noo homoo)<br />
    xox Gabs
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Hey heyss allss. <br />
    Dis be Tyler Tyz Hackinn dis bitch heree (:<br />
    I love dis girl, how cant you love er?<br />
    Ughh, easy to not. -Dans<br />
    SHUT UP MF! *hits dan*<br />
    Well ignore Dans, he loves her too &lt;3<br />
    Shee isshh soooo awesoomee (:<br />
    umm, seirously!? -Dans<br />
    DANNY SHUT UP YOU FUHKING MF!! -hits-<br />
    Dont mind himm, Allssiee.<br />
    I lovee yuhh, soo mucchh (-'':<br />
    -Tyler Dee Tyz-
    <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Im D**s, mentioned earlier.<br />
    Hez Danny. - Tyler De Tyz -<br />
    whatever, how are you guys??<br />
    i gtg, ALLSIEE CAUGHT MEHH!!<br />
    <br />
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