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  • Artist Info: Hi I quited Gaia for a while but now I'm back heheheheheheheh( who cares anyways hehehehehehehehehehe!!). <br />
    Okay I was born on halloween. Wants lots of friends (If I could actually get some hehehe). <br />
    I love drawing my style is manga or anime. <br />
    I love beef jerky so much, and casava oh my and cheesecake and Leche flan oh no i made river my moms gonna be angry at me (jokes heheh I love Jokes even when it's on me)!! <br />
    My fave shows are Yin Yang Yo, and um "Dahil May Isang Ikaw" Starring Jericho Rosales and kristine hermosa and lovers in paris starring kc conception and piolo pasqual.<br />
    I'm a filipina I am a christian okay. My sis is sophia4720 and cousins are beatriz88 and Xx_Liam_Yue_xX maybe I Dunno.<br />
    well tnx for visiting my profile!
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