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  • Artist Info: something about me??<br />
    well what can i say<br />
    theres too much about me<br />
    i hate sunny days... (love cloudy/ raining days)<br />
    im not a picky guy<br />
    i can read people <br />
    like now about them for exaple their lies or age (stuff :l )<br />
    i dont care about people opinions unless i ask<br />
    i only go by facts <br />
    i am a religious person<br />
    i love subway<br />
    i was a vegiterian for 2 years<br />
    i eat alittle to be healthy but cant stand away from junck food &gt;.&lt;<br />
    age 16 i really dont care i you want to now....<br />
    to be truely honest im a bad speller so if i spelled something wrong idc! &gt;:U<br />
    i do dress up as a noob cuz they have so much fun....<br />
    this might sound cheezy but i am a good artiz :3 i do draw people their dream avi or any avi (really cheap if i want &gt;:L)<br />
    i love meeting random people...<br />
    i like random people ^///^<br />
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