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  • Artist Info: Hi, everyone! My name is Arvin! I am a current Senior. I'm involved a lot with my school, community, and state. I hold a variety of positions to serve for a better cause. Being a part of these amazing organizations helped me discover my true passion: administration. Combining it with my favorite subject in school, math, I hope to study Business Administration after my senior year is over. I serve as ASB Vice President of my school and hope to do well in that position. Other things that I participate in school include several clubs pertaining to academic success and community service, I co-presidents of an evolution of dance club that raises money for positive foundations and perform in competitions, our leadership team, and advanced theater. As for sports, I've been playing tennis since my freshman year and serve as number 2 singles, and I run both cross country and 100/200 M dash for track and field. <br />
    <br />
    I'm a part of several other organizations that partner up with our city, the county, and the state government. A few include being part of a drug prevention program and serving as a titleholder with a medallion, equivalent to girls wearing crowns. In generality, I'm a humanitarian in hope for a better future. <br />
    <br />
    Aside from all that stuff, I'm a chill guy who is a generally social guy. I love making people happy and do my utmost best to get along with everyone. I'm an artist, enough said about that. And I definitely enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. Now that's me, let me know about you! And I'm a busy person, so I won't be online constantly. I have 3 AP classes next term. THREE. And we have block schedule, so 3/4 of my classes are AP. And keep in mind, that I'm not the brightest kid out there. I maintain an average GPA of a 4.0 So I fairly get Bs in AP classes and others classes as well. Ugh.
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