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  • Artist Info: Sarah aka Stevie ^__^ b.1990.28.03.<br />
    Origin-Luton,Beds,UK... Though for the moment I live in Cambridgeshire (Y)<br />
    Off to Uni in September ^__^ I'm Studying Journalism@High Wycombe<br />
    I'd like to be a Music Journalist one day [= Music=Life =P<br />
    I get told I'm pretty outgoing... I wouldn't say that myself...I'd say I'm laid back with a sense of humour lol and doesn't mind a good chat wink <br />
    <br />
    The Shins & David Bowie Rule all! But music wise...Really I like anything ^__^<br />
    Punk,Indie,Glam Rock,Psycobilly,J-Rock,Trance,Instrumentals,Musicals etc etc<br />
    S'all good [=<br />
    <br />
    Love is... <br />
    Dorks &lt;3.Friends & Family.Music.Reading.Art House & B-list Films.Comic Books.<br />
    Travelling.Green Tea.Cheese.Zombies.Writing.Toast.Noodles.Crosswords.Sunshine.Rainbows.<br />
    Beaches.Orange!.Alcohol &gt;.&lt;.Randomness! Art.<br />
    <br />
    Dislikes are...<br />
    Distance =[.Burnt toast. Fried Eggs (suffice to say ANY side up is a bad side up).<br />
    Butchering of Grammar...on purpose... WHY?!...Why the insanity?!.Getting up early.<br />
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