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    I am fourteen as of today ;3 Yesh, I cant believe it. And Im finally updating my profile xD! Yay me. Anyways. I believe I have changed a lot since I moved from Cali. *sage nod* Mhm. I feel.. Different.. Something inside.. of me.. is bursting.. out!? *chestburster?!* No. None of those guys. ANYWAYS. I love zombies. They are one of my lurvs. Cats, hamsters.. Yep. Animals I &lt;3. biggrin Soo. Ima just rant about myself. I live in teh land of Cheese. Tasty, eh? Andddd. I hate the mosquitoes here. <br />
    <br />
    BTW, MY ART SKEELLZ HAVE INCREASED TEN FOLD! AND INCREASING STILL, AS OF THIS MOMENT. Some of my art inspirations is World of Warcraft :3 I admit it. Im addicted to that game. Its like a drug. I like it. &lt;3 If you have a problem with that.. THEN GO GNOME. Err.. Home* .. Whichever fits best for you I guess..? biggrin <br />
    <br />
    Well.. I hope to add more to this soon. biggrin ! Teehee..
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