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    Well User Image there!<br />
    My name just so happens to be Samantha. <br />
    Alright let's just get to the point...<br />
    I'm 19 years young. My favorite color is teal. I love people who love the same thing as I do. People think I look mean, but I'm actually a nice person! I will get in your face if you hurt one of my friends. Family is my number one priority! I just so happen to play the cello. [Obviously.] Anyone who loves Owl City is a friend of mine! User Image I'm a very tall person...ask anyone. I'm an Aunt to a beautiful 2 year old named Raegan! Woo Hoo! I'm also in emotion_bigheart with User Image ! Almost to an extreme... I also have CDO, or OCD put in alphabetical order. Well I think that about sums up everything. Bye! User Image
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