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    Hola!<br />
    (Welcome to my pro &gt;3)<br />
    <br />
    I'm american/brazilian and what I most love in this world are my friends. Kisses to my Gaia family that are always there for me. ^^ Well...for those who want to get to know me better, I did a long-boring survey that explains my life. Get ready to be amazed my <br />
    <br />
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    <br />
    Name: Sofia<br />
    Birthday: 04/23/92 <br />
    Eye Color: Dark Brown<br />
    Hair Color: Black<br />
    Height: 5"5 <br />
    Right or Left Handed: Right <br />
    Favorite Food: Junk food and brownies!! (just becareful when u eat them....ur ass grows to be pushy...)<br />
    Favorite Sport: Volleyball<br />
    Favorite Color: Purple and pink!! (luv my pro because of it xD)<br />
    My Horoscope Sign: Taurus<br />
    Favorite Place in the World: Florida!!!! (kisses to the TITANS!!!)<br />
    Current Living Place: Brazil (bjs pros meus amigos na Gaia!!!!)<br />
    Favorite Show: CSI-Miami (luv it and its where i grew up ^^ kisses to ppl that make the show)<br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Best Friend: KitsuneIcewind (friends forever-even when boys try to screw us up xD)<br />
    Current BF: None, the last one ditched me just because i spent 2 months at the beach..Dx<br />
    Favorite Dream: To date superman razz (omg...should i cook for him? o.o)<br />
    Worst Nightmare: To stop dreaming (oh god Dx dont even want to imagine it)<br />
    Current Job: none...still at school waiting to graduate for FREEDOM!!<br />
    Favorite Movie: Alice in Wonderland!! (OMG DX i need to ask Kitsune if she wants to go watch with me O.O)<br />
    Favorite Restaurant: Burger King and Hops!!( man o.o the burgers are HUGE!)<br />
    Best Physical Feature: My face (woohoo! at least thats what boys so far told me o.o)<br />
    Life or Death: Boys are life-if i have one with me then death is just not in the picture, u know?<br />
    Favorite Drink: Guarana!! (Brazil rox sox!!!)<br />
    Best Pharse: "Wanna be rich, u got to be a BITCH!!!"<br />
    Smoking or drinking: Drinking definately!! (but moderately)<br />
    Worst habit: getting bitchy with ppl when im bored...( i just need some inspiration at the moment u know? o.o)<br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Chilis or Applebees: CHILIES!! best chicken nuggets they have<br />
    Popular or Nerdy: uh..none? but i would fall in love with one of them if they asked me out ^^<br />
    Kiss or Hug: Both xD thats my idea of a guy being perfect...being able to do both. <br />
    Fears: I'm scared of Kitsune o.o she gets wild when shes mad or excited T-T<br />
    Favorite Word: BITCH!!!<br />
    Americans or Candaians: well.....i fucking dont know...( i like italians ^^)<br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    First thoughts when waking up: oh shit.....its MONDAY!!!<br />
    Zomg or Rally: ZOMG!!!!<br />
    Love or Money: both.....<br />
    Biggest idiot(s) on the planet: ex BOYFRIENDS!!!<br />
    Most Vivid Memory: Ice Skating with no one on the rink...(it was really magic because it was just me and my thoughts)<br />
    Mac or Microsoft: Micro RULES!! (macs are too complex for me to use and they're slower.<br />
    Alltime Job: Figure Skating or singing<br />
    Favorite Icecream: CHOCOLATE!!<br />
    Favorite Niece: Angel (lol she does curse alot)<br />
    Volley or Ice Skating: COME ON!! thats just not fair..im gonna skip this question<br />
    My Weakness: I cant say no to ppl<br />
    My Strength: Im determined and strong-willed<br />
    What sucks most in this world: School...<br />
    Best ppl ever:
    my family!!! (beijos para todos q me apoiaram e me amam do jeito q eu sou, nunca esquecerei de voces!!!!! ^^<br />
    <br />
    VIVA LA VIDA!!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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