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  • Artist Info: I like talking to people i gues... <br />
    Me and my friend (Panda) Love going downtown (She gets into a lot of fights and i mostly watch and tell me where to attack) <br />
    I live in the most annoying place in the world where you have to walk 100 miles just to get to a food store... emotion_bigvein <br />
    I really like reading about serial killers and anything death. <br />
    twisted <br />
    Me and Panda getting into trouble (Which leads to eather me saving her ass or getting punch in the face for being stupid by my other less risk taking friends)<br />
    I love football just because its the only thing my schools good at. <br />
    heart <br />
    I really love writing (Like i write every day about everything)<br />
    I love reading but have never finished a book (Too many happy endings)<br />
    heart Oh and i really love anime!!! heart <br />
    So if you want to talk i don't mind
    <br />
    yum_onigiri cat_twisted emotion_zombie
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