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  • Artist Info: I'm a high school student who loves sport, music, drawing and anime, the one thing i don't like is studying DX ... i can't study properly, unless someone watch me ... sweatdrop <br />
    I love sweets and i hate bitter food DX... ahhh don't know how to describe myself, ahh yess!! i'm very bad at explaining, me is very clumzy and gullible and i'm always happy XD. i'm easily suprised and gets all enthusiastic about something...Fast XP<br />
    I really like helping people, so most of the time i would go look for people who need help in the game, and my leveling speed decreases DX . The game i'm playing on the most is Perfect World biggrin It maybe boring sometimes, but still fun when gaming with friends X) i'm not good with starting a conversation, i usually listen to people and if i can reply i will hehe, i rather play then talk i guess, cause most of the time, it gets awkward, and i hate awkward silences, it makes me all stressed and mmmmm feel that i have to break the silence ! hehe. In the Holidays, i like making plans to go out with friends its fun and relaxing, feels like there's nothing to worry, i love it XD ahh that's right, i have a pet dog, i adopted a year ago, his name is Huges and is 6 years old, almost 7 DX, he's old now, and he sleeps alot, but i still play, and run around with him near the swimming pool when we have the feel XP I do most of the things depending on how i feel, so sometimes i don't even know what i'm doing XP<br />
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