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  • Artist Info: hey my name is Setsuna F Seiei (Sora Ibrahim) I am 24.<br />
    relatonship status:Single { } taken {X}<br />
    bio: my name is Setsuna F Seiei I am a person of many skills but my biggest problem about my self is I have never broken a promise. a girl I promised years ago that we were going to lose our virginity's together... well she is no longer a virgin and I still am I can no longer lose it to her but I am going to keep that promise im going to keep my virginity until I die in other words no sex for me ever infact here is a new promise if I ever end up having sex ill commit suicide. thats a promise to my self so now I can never lose my virginity but yeah thats basically my life being cheated on by almost all of my ex's and then the one that I thought was good turned out not to be so well here I am suffering but don't mind that since all I did my entire life was suffer so don't worry its nothing that wont kill me.<br />
    another thing to know about me I don't give a fuck about you if you were raped abused I don't give a fuck because we have all been through things for me its having a promise broken by your loved one or finding out they are cheating on you so im sorry but if you were raped then keep that bull shit to your self because I don't give a fuck we all have a choice in life and that was your choice you choose to be alone or be with someone in other words you choose to be raped or protected don't go putting your shit on other people just because it was your problem.
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