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  • Artist Info: Im a nomal person that loes werid mythie things. Well, maybe not so normal. I love WARRIORS! They rule. My "real" warrior name is Spottedmask, but I prefer Wolfsong or Liontail. Everyone calls me Tosca. Its my online nickname. Really. Ever watch Meerkat Manor? Get it now? The name kinda..stuck. My account name on EVERYTHING is Tosca-something. Another one of them is Larka. Like the wolf from the Sight? Larka. I like Tosca better, but if you have something random against that Larka is fine. If you don't like THAT call me Bobo.Don't even ask. Loooooooooooooooong story. I love posting anything(thats why I rule) so if you have like a gulid or something I might join. Just ask. I love animals and I have two dogs(Leo and Jack) and a snake(Pacficaica). I love Twlight. New Moon is my favorite book. I'm in love with Jacob Black. He's awesome. Werewolves and vampires rock your socks. I would love to be able to transform into a wolf at WILL. No crazy full moon junk. I'm writing a werewolf book now. Of course it's called Full Moon. So yeah just contact me and I'll respond. Anaime is sweet. I love the looks of the characters. ~tosca~<br />
    <br />
    Here are the list of my rp characters!<br />
    Sasha(Dance of the dragons by Brave Eagle)-a female dragon that is 50 years old. Green. Fights for the Earstern side. Likes to fight, but is seen free, and flying. Strong flamebreather.<br />
    Terri(Hidden Kitsune forest by Tum Tumz)- Kitsune. Human form is a blond girl with gray eyes. Kitsune form is a brown kitsune with green eyes, green tipped tails(she has 4) green tipped ears, and a green puff of fur. Lonely and firce. Has earth ground orb.<br />
    Sasha Night(New Era by Tum Tumz)-female werewolf. Werewolf form is a black wolf. Human form(always changes) Likes to read and write. Has shrap hearing. Good at beating people at their own games.<br />
    Earthwhisker( Shattered Peace by Saya and Diva)- brown tabby tom with green eyes. 15 moons old. Med cat apprentice of CloudClan. Former warrior. Parents Wolfeyes and Hazelleaf. Sister-Skyheart<br />
    Spottedstar(same as above)-tortishell she-cat with green eyes. DarkClan leader. 20 moons. Unknown past. Was chosen as deputy two nights after being a warrior.<br />
    Jaykit(same as above)-a gray she-kit of MistClan. Half deaf.
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