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    Hello there my name is kris but you can call me what you will. I am a fairly shy person till i get to know you then I become a lot more fun to hang around with. I love to make friends so if you found me by any of my intrests then drop me a pm.I will most likely reply as long as you dont trash talk me.There are many things about me that only very close friends know but if we talked enough then mabye i would trust you until then dont be afraid to ask things about me I am not one of the lossers who lie about them selfs to make them look good,no i know that i am a dork and hell i used to be a nerd but who really cares about what you are like on the outside for me what mattres most is a persons personalty.Now that is not saying that i dont lean a little into looks but hey who doesnt.anyway i think that i have rambled enough so drop me a pm and lets chat. Oh and for people who found me byvery certian intrests then i will soon have a journal that gives more about them i have been on gaia for 2 years so i am not a noob just to lazy to take the name before now to make my profile.feel free to add my instant messengers kmmallow11@hotmail.com and kmmallow11@yahoo.com like i said i love to chat with new people its a lot of fun so drop me a pm or just message me whatever you like oh and i love random comments.
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