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    Im more active in my DA; Yukitsune<br />
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    RO sprites *___* Im an addict to sprites!!, <br />
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    waitlist x___x;<br />
    If I accepted drawing something for you, please, VISIT MY ABOUT ME TO SEE THE PROGRESS, DONT PM ME OR COMMENT ME ASKING HOW YOUR ART IS GOING!!! <br />
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    -Drake-Dragar > one step closer~<br />
    -Lu > sketch (10%)<br />
    -DiddyxKiwi> 1 colored couple(10%)<br />
    -beautifu chaos > 10%<br />
    -Kitten> 10%<br />
    -Iram> 10%<br />
    -<WIP><br />
    -Pasil> (waiting reply)<br />
    -<WIP><br />
    -Kuroshitsuji> Loading....<br />
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    others;<br />
    my friends and I were thinking of making a 7 sins team xDD. wich also made me think Gaia lacks of items exclusively related to them, the only item that contains stuff about 7 sins is the nightmare, and , let's be honest, it sucks.... I've tried to use them but I just cant xD, nothing suits well LOL. an evolving item of 7 generations would be ok, or they could add some stupid stuff, make wigs for every sin, just like they did with hidden ace would be good enough... but it's just me.... I just think we have too many captain's hats -__- and I've tried to design a new one, but I just cnat be that creative because EVERYTHING IS DONE for such a specific theme as "airship captain's hat" if you know what Im talking about, instead they should motivate us to create clothing, a big contest for the 7 sins would be nice maybe, there would be many winers, giving out gold isnt big thing to them cuz they are the creators of them game, right? and I dont know if this will happen and Im just talking in vain; but I think also, if they're gonna make a contest for a design of a hat..... dont you think the best prize for the winner would be having the hat in his/her inventory? it makes sense; I designed it, I MUST have it...
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