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  • Artist Info: im a girl durr, i love basketball,soccer, and vollyball. i hate when ppl judge me for something im not. im straight, NOT GAY. i hate drama/ dramatic sences. watched degrassi once, never again. i have my own youtube channel and im thinkin bout deleting it hmm... well heres the real deal...<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm a liar, <br />
    because I don't tell you everything. <br />
    I'm a slut, <br />
    because I like boys. <br />
    I'm weird, <br />
    because I'm not like you. <br />
    I'm a nerd, <br />
    because I actually like reading sometimes. <br />
    I'm a fake, <br />
    because most of the time I'm happy. <br />
    I'm stupid, <br />
    because sometimes I'm wrong. <br />
    I'm a prep, <br />
    because I like looking nice. <br />
    I'm a punk <br />
    because I hate listening. <br />
    I'm done, <br />
    being labeled. <br />
    put this on ur pro-file if u hate being judged
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