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    ^^^^This is meh^^^^<br />
    <br />
    My Name is: Alexandra Lei.<br />
    But you can call me Alex<br />
    Im: 15<br />
    and i attend: Westlake Highschool, First Year<br />
    I am a major Otaku<br />
    My favorite movie is: Howls Moving Castle<br />
    My favorite song: Changes almost everday but at the moment its: Everlong - foofighters<br />
    I love: Rock music, Anime, Manga, Climbing, freaking out, RolePlaying Games, Pretty Little Liars, Winning, and laughing<br />
    I hate: People who force me to eat something i dont like, Ends of sentences, Glenn martin DDS, Progressive comercials, Having A messy mind, Bieng bored, Do you know your enemy- by greenday, Doing Dishes, CHores, Heights, 7th grade, Know-it-alls, Spongebob squarepants, and ear aches<br />
    When I grow up I want to work for Square Enix or Nintendo
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