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  • Artist Info: V A L E R ii E ' ---- &lt;33 <br />
    Wassupp well tha name is Valerie.I guess you can call me Val if yew wantt idc. Well anyways i LOVEE MUSiiC without it im nothin.I Like to laugh allot near my friendz. I guess yew can sayy im kool to hanq with. Im just a Dominican girl Born in Brooklyn,NY living ...... somewhere.Favorite colorz are Lime green,black, blue,nd white.Jan. 20 may be dha day ii blow my candles.Old Enough To Know Better &' Youhng Enough To Not Give Ah Care. Learing My Abc's And 123's lmao --------- Middle School As An _th Grader I'mm srry. i can't tell yhu;;no need fo any more stalkers. &gt;.&gt; foshure fooz.Lots Of Mistakes In Life, But Learn From Em'. i Learned That Yhu Can Trust NOONE but Yhurself. i Think Everything Happens For A Reason. & Don't Create A Spittin' Image Of Me In Your Head. Get To Know Me First. You Wont Regret It ...... <br />
    ‚ô•Hmm.. mii nick-name ish Cookie Ooooh yeah thats riteE. Hehe! L-O-V-E them &lt;33 <br />
    well thats about itt Buh-byezz smile <br />
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