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  • Artist Info: My name is Gregory Keller (I'm actually a girl named Evelyn, but Greg is my alter ego *long story*). I am a HUGE HP fan. If you dont know what HP is I sugest you take a long walk of a short dock.<br />
    My Goal in life is to become a famous photographer. I am pretty good - so they tell me - and am improving. I will post some of my work in the Photegraphers Arena soon. smile <br />
    I live in Sunny Califorina, but have travled from the Hottest State ,Texas, to the Windiest State, Oregon, to one of the Coldest States, Washington.<br />
    I am a 7th grader, and Quite Academic. I am in the Writing Club along with the Ski club (Go S3C!). School is full of drama, dont you think? Thats why I am takeing Drama as part of my elective Wheel. Photography(of course), Wood shop, and Computer are the other three.
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