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  • Artist Info: I'm a cynic at heart, but I still love to laugh. I look at life in black in white when it comes to stupidity. If you do something dumb end up putting your self in a bad postion...or coffin I laugh. Cruel I know, but laughter is the best cure for anything. It even prevents people from making the fools previous mistake. I love to play bass, and have a deep love for music. When ever I get the creative juices flowing I love to write. Not usually lyrics though. Just goofy stories where I try to make it sound as absurd as humanly possible, and while I love to write. I do hate having to do it for my college classes. Writing is fun when I get to pick the topic...not when I have to compete with a bunch of souless drones who will only write down what they think will strike a chord with the teacher, but that's the world of competition. Even in modern day society we compete for a better life just as much, if not more, than our ancestors competed for food when we were still living in caverns. <br />
    I also tend to over analyze things quite a bit, and get deep in thought as I try to make sense of things that don't seem clear to me like celebrity worship, or the affixiation people have with updating their Twitters/Facebooks 24/7. I love to learn anything that seems of use or interest to me, and I can't help but get sucked into a political rumble if someone provides the opportunity. The study of Psychology and Philosophy are interesting to me as well, but right now my main focus is American History. Maybe when I finish I'll pick up a few classes in the other areas.<br />
    As for appearance I'm a normal 5' 8"ish and about 200lbs. Yeah I need to lose weight, and I will in due time, but I prefer to take it slow rather than stop eating everything I love, and becoming a slave to the gyms. When it's nice out I'll take a nice stroll through the 3 mile trail cutting through my neighboorhood. I have blue eyes, and black hair. I wear glasses and have black lines under my eyes ALL the time. Some people say I look like a chubby L from Death Note...of course some people say I look like Peter Parker (spiderman) and Harry Potter too...I wish people would make up their damned minds.
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