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  • Artist Info: Name's Hollywood. Jonny "the Lion" Hollywood. The real name's Jonny. A lil' about me, I am partial native american, and I like reading manga comics and watching anime tv shows and dvds. I like Bleach, Cowboybebop, Trigun, Tenjho Tenge, Vagabond and more to list, they're my favorites. I just like manga that are supernatural, historical, the manga girls, anything with guns and swords. Iam just a country - soul surfer - cowboy. There is alot about me, if wanna know more, feel free to ask<br />
    _____________________________________________________<br />
    (avatar) Last of his kind, of the blue eyed, purple-blue blooded native american part of him that is of the unknown tribe that the men of true royality of the unknown lost tribe are only born with blue eyes and rarely the women as well. He's the last prince of the blue eyed tribe....... a long bloodline of generations desecend from the very first shaman and chief of the blue eyed tribe. He's got unique and unlimited supernatural powers of shamanism, spiritual, shapeshifting, mystic absorbing power, unparrelled super speed and steathness, also was well a werewolf too. Until, met a lady vampire who has bitten him, gave him double the power of his powers also has given him new vampire powers. He can walk about everywhere and be anywhere, has no weakness, he's able to walk around under the high noon sunlight without being bursted to flames or burned as normal vampires would have. He believes in about the justice and the good, he's also a monster/vampire hunter who he hunts down the bad and evil ones. His history is unknown and mysteriously seductivly dark as his deep beautiful ocean blue eyes that would seem to be alluring, spellbinding, hypotizingly attractive, no turning back once looked in those eyes of his.... deep darkly, beautifully, ominous depths of vivid ocean blue color that seems to be infinitely ethereally deep and bottomless, with alittle of icy blue that those eyes seem to penerates deep through the soul and pulls you right in.
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