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  • Artist Info: Well..... sweatdrop ....Where to start?<br />
    As chu know, my name is Ciara and I'm sixteen 4laugh and...eerrmmmm......Oh yeah!<br />
    In RL I'm kinda short stare and I don't like it and I've got dark dark blonde hair <br />
    (It's actually down at the moment, suprise, suprise) and silver eyes(not joking!)<br />
    I usually get bullied at school cuz of my height. This one time a boy called me<br />
    "midget sh!t" so I kicked him WHERE IT HURT MOST. That was a good day.... whee .....I'm probably scaring all the boys away right now..... burning_eyes <br />
    Let's change the subject...yesterday I was thinking of running away and so was my friend. We thought maybe we could run away to canada and sit beside a warm fire drinking whiskey and meet canadian men bodybuilders and live happily ever after...-not! But I was thinking of running away. I'm sick of my parents...Well your not here to listen to moan about my life! I'm bored...Later!
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