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    <br />
    The name's Kyle.<br />
    No. Don't give me a nick, or call me some other shit.<br />
    I like my name and I don't plan on having a pet name just yet. kthx.<br />
    I'm fifteen<br />
    A bit young but who gives a damn. <br />
    I'm a yellow asian and damn proud. <br />
    I love rice. <br />
    True asians eat rice almost every meal.<br />
    Its our staple food 8D <br />
    I'm literate because I respect the English Language, and my education.<br />
    I'm pretty mature.. <br />
    Well, most of the time.. <br />
    I like to joke around. <br />
    I dislike attention seeks and stupid wannabes.<br />
    I like periods.<br />
    ones that come at the end of the sentence not the menstrual cycle.<br />
    Who likes that? Glad I'm no girl. (: <br />
    I'm pretty fun when you get to know me. <br />
    start a boring conversation, and I'll give you boring replies. <br />
    If you cant take jokes, then gtfo.<br />
    Me and my homies be living in NYC<br />
    cause we awesome 8D <br />
    No. Manhattan isn't as awesome as you think<br />
    Its just a bunch of 'em big buildings next to each other<br />
    yet, people go like "OHMYGOSH! I'M IN MANHATTAN! " **faints**<br />
    manics. <br />
    I hate creapyretardedcrazymanic fangirls <br />
    'specially them twilight freaks.<br />
    Its just a damn book. Take a fcking chill pill.<br />
    Edward doesn't sparkle, unless hes a fish made with only scales<br />
    Vampires dont exist. Doctors who steal blood do. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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