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  • Artist Info: hey i'm eric and i'm new to gaia... >_> i'm a n00b lol no ways<br />
    i like running [i'm in cross country] i'm in soccer at my school [i play defence] but i don't like the sport >_> and i really like baseball [go angels!] i'm in that sport and i play outfield.... i'm in high school and i really am bored so i do things randomly...meep.....so yea i guess i get gold and talk and dress up here huh? haha....oh yea linkin park roocks!!! also selfless mind indulgence.<br />
    muse...the killers...depeche mode [i'm going to their concert on thre 19th!] and mcr and metallica and more..music is so awsome...i wouldnt be able to live without it ;D<br />
    about my username: sHatt3REd_eLB0wS thats my 'bands' name :3<br />
    mkayz thanks baii :]<br />
    <br />
    ...why did the chicken cross the road?...bcuz it could duh.. -_x;;;
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