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  • Artist Info: I am really a simple person, why just today in my AJ 101 class at the junior local college someone turns and asked me what my second major was or was it the first, well so I said "WELDING" ya so what I was a 44B in the military the US Army. I am not sure anyone understands my empathy for all those brave soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and well I wish I could make a difference. <br />
    There are more profound people in this area of expertise. <br />
    <br />
    OK so let me break it down for you, I am 30 years old and my fourteen year old daughter asked me to join Gaia, so here I am. I am not as old as old people but by the same token I am not as young as young people. I believe in global warming effects of CO2. I believe that having a full set of clean white teeth is important. I believe in God and life. I love pets but dont need anymore responsibility. I like to laugh. I love to smile. I have two kids not one. I am single but still married. I am not that desperate but feel like it. I would like for you to be my friend and tell me what is going on around here. I may need a friend like you.
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