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    --I'm a teenage girl. No, not *that* kind. I'm a person, not a freaking fangirl.<br />
    --My name comes from the Velvet Underground song, Venus in Furs<br />
    --I am a slightly geeky fantasy junkie and also and intellectual. This means my knowledge *does* reach beyond the world of Middle-Earth.<br />
    --I complain a lot. Sorry about that, folks.<br />
    --I have an eclectic taste in everything--food, clothes, music, books....<br />
    --I like to explore places/concepts/cultures/books. <br />
    --As a geek, there are certain things I do adore, but I draw the line at obsession. No obsessing for me.<br />
    --I am secretly a sucker for romance.<br />
    --One day, I will be fluent 4+ languages and live in Prague.<br />
    --Check out my tumblr here It's a sort of collection of oddities and art. None of that emo melodramatic, words-on-paper-about-how-alone-alone-you-are shit, I promise.
    <br />
    <br />
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