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  • Artist Info: My name is Jasmine. I want to be a Doctor. I like guys never gurls, and im afraid of my friends being that way becuz they might want to be more than friends. (words cannot describe my freakout in a situation like that)<br />
    fav color: red and black<br />
    fav foods: Philly Cheese Steak Jambalaya and Italian Crapes<br />
    Fav Fruit: chocolate covered Pomegrante<br />
    Fav Vegetable: ... peas<br />
    Fav Desserts: Cookie an Cream Ice Cream and Triple Fudge <br />
    Fav Author: Robert Patterson<br />
    Fav Music: Country<br />
    Fav Sport: Tennis, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Gynastics<br />
    Fav Football Team: Cowboys and Saints...either or ... mostly Cowboys<br />
    Current Job:ha ha u wont ever kno rofl <br />
    and the only heros I like is Thor and Troy
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