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    So the name is Shyna Marie Allyn {Sine-a Mah-re Ale-in} But id rather be called by my first name, or Shyna Marie, Tim and Shredder Shyna are kewl too. <br />
    Candles on the cake this year? [13] The day i fell from heaven? [January 11th]<br />
    My Style? [Scene, Nerd] Music? [about anything, if it's good anyway] Favorite person/people? [Madison and Ethan] <br />
    Likes? [Music, vampires,dinosaurs,sharpies, twilight, hello kitty, peace signs, computer, cell phone, anything with neon or bright colors, AND MY HATERS <3] Dislikes? [Fish.]<br />
    About me??? [well i am a VERY caring loving person, haters are the ones that make me known to others, they just wish they were me ^^ love hanging at the mall with friends loves scary movies more than anything <3 Friends are a necessity. my motivation in life is...MUSIC... couldn't live without it.<br />
    And now Your prob wondering what dose this person look like? And hear is your answer...User Image User ImageWont Change for You wont change for her and thats the way it will be.<br />
    I love myself the way i am, be negative or positive. I honestly do not care cuz remember, HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS smile
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