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    Hello.<br />
    welcome to my profile. ♥
    <br />
    My name is Tiara.<br />
    I'm seventeen.<br />
    I'm straight.<br />
    I'm happily taken. (4/7/12 ♥)<br />
    Still stuck in the hellish vortex otherwise known as High School.<br />
    I can't wait to be in college and living with my boyfriend.<br />
    I'm an artist of various sorts, and an amateur filmmaker.<br />
    I currently reside in the state of Washington, USA.<br />
    I'm hoping that'll change with time..I kind of hate it here?<br />
    I'm a fairly nice person given the time to get to know me.<br />
    I love my friends more than fucking anything, they mean a lot to me.<br />
    That doesn't mean I love everyone though, and I will attack when provoked.<br />
    I'm extremely protective, and can get sort of blunt and straight up mean.<br />
    Just a fair warning out there to all those girls interested in my boyfriend:<br />
    Touch him and die. ^_^<br />
    I really want to travel the world one day. That'd be cool.<br />
    I'm super interested in the Japanese culture and traditions.<br />
    I can speak English and enough Japanese to get me around.<br />
    I really like cute things. <br />
    I hate it when girls plaster their faces in makeup, and I hate fakes.<br />
    Be yourself, and there's a greater chance of me liking you than if you pretend to be someone you're not.<br />
    I've had close friends on here, and I've lost some. <br />
    I have a low tolerance for bullshit.<br />
    I've dealt with a lot of it, and assholes just aren't worth my time anymore.<br />
    I've made mistakes; lots of them. I'm not perfect.<br />
    However, I do try to be the best person that I can. I am only myself.<br />
    I have a lot of pet peeves and fears. I dread being alone.<br />
    I'm also kind of dumb, and a huge klutz. My self-esteem is extremely low.<br />
    That's why I'm super happy that things have been looking up for me lately.<br />
    This is where it's about to get really mushy.<br />
    If you have a problem with that, here's fair warning to leave.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'd like to dedicate this portion of my profile to my boyfriend, Dan.<br />
    He is honest to god the most amazing person to walk into my life.<br />
    When I met him I honestly didn't think we would be what we are now.<br />
    He's a really sweet man; and a wonderful, caring friend.<br />
    Over time we developed mutual feelings of affection for each other, though.<br />
    Point blank: he makes me the happiest girl in the whole friggin' world.<br />
    Making him as happy as he makes me is my biggest priority.<br />
    I love his laugh, his smile; how he sends me texts every morning when I wake up.<br />
    I love everything about him; I love him. I love being with him.<br />
    There is no greater joy I can ask for in life than being with Dan. <br />
    He is truly my knight in shining armor, and proof that true love exists.<br />
    There is no other person I can see myself spending my life with.<br />
    I will always be there for him. I will always love him.<br />
    He is my motivation when I feel like giving up; my strength.<br />
    I will love you forever, Dan. You are my shining star; my darling.<br />
    Thank you for walking into my life and being the best damn thing to ever happen to me.<br />
    There's nothing like you and I. ♥
    <br />
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