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  • Artist Info: Hi I'm Claudia<br />
    Complex<br />
    Loyal<br />
    Adorable<br />
    Unique<br />
    Dark<br />
    Innocent<br />
    Aggressive<br />
    My life is what you would consider to be abnormal, in most cases when I'm not visiting my mother I'm reduced to being the self I was when I was living with her for 3 years(then I'd be normal). I have a love for the simple things in art, the colors, shapes and shading, I love my friends like my own family and if any messes with them then well let's just say there's gonna be a whole bunch of faces on the back of the milk carton.<br />
    My hobbies are drawing, singing, roleplaying, swimming and running. Drawing is especially one of my favorite things to do, if I can figure it out I might just try to put some of my drawings into this so all of yall can look at them.I might even take requests from people so don't be afraid to ask. <br />
    -^ - ^-
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