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  • Artist Info: Okayyyy People.<br />
    My Name is Kaley Jensen, i am 13 and i am in 7th grade. i am fucking princess, and aint nobody better say other wise. I am currently living in New York, and i wanna be a fashion designer. I am OBSESSED with zebra stripes and sparkles. i pretty much dram all the time, and i write a lot too. In fact, i have written down my 100 favorite things.<br />
    i know.<br />
    dont judge. i was in class, bored as hell.<br />
    Just so you kno im white, and proud to be white, all my friends call me the "badass" of our group cause im always gettin in some kinda trouble.....haha. I love M&Ms, and i love my cousin Madelyn biggrin DD<br />
    oh yeah,<br />
    and im random :]<br />
    ((**{Kaley Loves YOU}**))
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