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  • Artist Info: Humans can develop by their own "new" DNA strains, the ones allow Us to perceive our energy field or Merkabbah. Once ascended correctly, during the various peculiarities of it's process, we be able to have telepathy ones with others. Love is the solution for everything; it's frequency doesn't allow the hate to keep facing each others between humankind. The gov's are poisoning us an lying about the real history all to keep us in low frequency. The prophecy of the Maians tell that the Earth's poles are shifting; that will take effects over our bodies, not allowing anymore all malevolent intentions. Humans are enslaved with the lie called debit; focusing in bad thoughts makes our future as it is been desired: our thoughts are our reality. Those who know the Truth and see with their own eyes what is acceptable or not, it is been questioned by those who prefer hate. Nobody has to tell you how you may feel or live your life, and those who laugh at that are creating bad karma for them that will have to solve in another life.<br />
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