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    About me | Likes "→" | Dislikes "彡"<br />
    →28 |F | Canada | Taken by an amazing guy. ^.^ emotion_bigheart <br />
    →submissive/pet, I have a Dominant/owner, who shall remain nameless <br />
    →Little with a Daddy<br />
    →Role Player; PM me for details. (Literate role players preferred) <br />
    →I tell it like it is, for too long I let everyone walk all over me. No more. If you don't like my opinion, go f.uck yourself.<br />
    →If you hurt or harass me you will have TWO people to contend with, both of whom are very protective of me.<br />
    彡When people don't express themselves properly to me. <br />
    彡L33t speak, chatspeak, grammatical errors of most kinds. (If English isn't your first language, then I understand, otherwise, get a f.ucking dictionary.<br />
    彡Liars; Be upfront and honest with me, and I'll be the same with you.<br />
    彡Not knowing where I stand with people, either tell me, or expect major repercussions.<br />
    彡Losing my (matching) bracelet that my boyfriend and I have, I took it off once and misplaced it for a second and my world almost ended.<br />
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    If you'd like to be my friend, message me first, random friend requests will be denied or ignored if we haven't spoken at least once.<br />
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    emotion_bigheart yum_puddi cat_4laugh yum_puddi emotion_bigheart
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