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  • Artist Info: ♥hehe. Music=Life. To put it simply. ♫<br />
    ☺Likes☺<br />
    ~Poetry<br />
    Long walks on the beach<br />
    and poking dead things with a stick.<br />
    ;]<br />
    Ok for real. <br />
    Venice, Italy.<br />
    Writing, reading, creating crazy outfits, <br />
    runing, music, duh, being sarcastic, <br />
    online games cuz im a loser tht way, <br />
    laughing, hanging with my besties, being retarded, ha! <br />
    Theatre, drawing, altho i cant draw worth crap. <br />
    Math. Yes i actualy LIKE math! Aha!<br />
    No, not relle. <br />
    Okay relle.<br />
    Haha. rain. love rain.<br />
    talking. being anoying. being ME, not Emo or Goth or nerdy or Prepy. Just me. yup. <br />
    And the STARS! Omfg. I love the moon n stars.<br />
    nothing amazes me more.<br />
    <br />
    ▬Dislikes▬<br />
    Fakers, haters, back-stabers, wanna-bes, and judgments.<br />
    pop and Rap. and preps whom of which think rule the school. =/<br />
    <br />
    Random.<br />
    I play the violin, write poetry and stories, im blonde, brown eyes. 9th grade. Woo. Im a youngin.<br />
    Imature. For shur.<br />
    I guess if yu had to streotype me, id b emo or skater.<br />
    But the truth? - I cant skate worth crap. I just love skate shoes. I dnt hate my life. i try to live it to the fullest every minute. Skinny jeans r my symbol. preps. Stay away. we dont wear your high heels, so get off our converse! 5' 1/2" and 100lbs. and loving every minute of it. Fav band...geez. i have so many. Mostly screamo, rock, country, alternative, n punk. te he. <br />
    Love scary movies, but am a sucker for romance. <br />
    I dont cry much. and i have so many ppl who care for me. <br />
    mess with me you dont kno who ur up against.<br />
    mess with them? have fun talking to me. :]<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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