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    My name is Rebecca, my birthday is August 3rd and I love animals. I have a beagle named Trouble, a rabbit named LuckyPenny and a gold fish my boyfriend of three years won for me at a carnival. I currently live with him and I am desperately looking for a job to help pay for things. I love to play in photoshop and make simple animations. I am always looking for a way to learn more when it comes to computers. I have my have my own website in which I post some of the things I create and even though I am the only one that visits it I still keep it updated in hopes that someday it will catch on. Other than computers I also like to play video games, my favorites are Final Fantasy, Kingdome Hearts and Guitar Hero. My favorite foods are cookies, chocolate and egg rolls. Some of the things that annoy me are white gangster kids, people that never shower and those Paris Hilton type girls. The things I am afraid of are spiders, snakes, and radiation sickness. Also, please keep in mind that I don't add just anybody and I will tell you if I don't like you.
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