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  • Artist Info: Helluo... my names Carolyn but I am most known as Nikki. I am a wierd person.Only a wierd person would admit that they're wierd.And random.VERY random.lol.I go to a school for the arts for visual arts and creative writing. Creative should be my middle name... cause I'm a creative GENIOUS!!!You will never know when my creative explosions might hit you.....PA-DOW!!.....my creative explosions just hit you in the face.lol.haha.You deserved it.<br />
    I am a Eufro-American.That means that I am African/European American for those whom may have an IQ lower than the Stock-Market drop in '08.haha.<br />
    What I like to do in my spare time is draw....write.....play video games.....a lot... one of the most insane video gamers you'll ever meet...<br />
    I also like to sing sometimes but not much lately since I go to school for art and writing.I'm also a killer poet and I like to draw comics and I'm working on making my own original for this contest.<br />
    I go to an awesome school called stivers but lately its been a lot of drama between my friends there but I'm glad i'm not in that.But I am I cool person. <br />
    My favorite colors is blue cause itz AWESOME!!!!Lol.Itz totally me cuz I'm a chill person.Chillllllllllled like jello on a chello that is a mello yello ..............XD. Creative explosion!!!PA-DOW!!!Ouch!That looked like it hurted you!<br />
    My favorite interests are music,art,and video games.Music is my love,so if you asked me if I would rather be blind or deaf,I'll choose blind because i can't live without music.I could still do art if I would be blind though. Blind Contour Beast in the House!!!But I do really love music.Me and Music are inseparable, SO YOU TRY TO TAKE MY HEAD PHONES OUT MY EAR,I WILL CUT YO NECK OFF WITH MY BARE HAND!!!....sorry,but that's the truth.<br />
    And video games......my obbsesion.I think i have owned every game consoles and handhelds that ever came out in America!!!Segas,Nintendos,PlayStations,Xboxs,...oh you name it!!!Currently I own a Wii,PS3,XBOX360,and a ds(but I'm going to sell it and get a Dsi and PSP Go,since my sis don't want to give away her psp.<br />
    Art.My profession.I already sold one of my pieces at stivers.I llove art,from the bottom of my heart,but don't mistaken that phrase for a fart!!!PA-DOW!!!XD!!!that was sooo funny.But yeah,..it's my best talent,so I will stick with that for a career for now.<br />
    I also have a few side hobbies....I learned how to play piano..I'm trying to learn ho to play guitar,..I'm getting good on my sports........I'm really funny,like comedian worthy,....and IF my butthead of a principal lets me use the key to the basement(used to be an Olympic sized pool),I could be a paranormal person and try to free the Stivers Ghost (Google it), cause that ghost is really been trying to play with my mind....I saw it like three times...no joke!!!<br />
    If you ask my friends about me,they'll say that I'm random,crazy....no not crazy...scratch that.......INSANE..funny...talented...and real..I like telling the truth.But would they be my friends if they don't like me?So I love my friends...they're like family to me...aww..*tears*....lol....I made myself cry....lol.<br />
    Soooo.....Looks like I just told ya' my life...soo...yeah.....Adios.Ciao.Bye.Au Reviur Durche.Aloha(it's bye too).
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