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    Ƭнɛʏ cα мɛ Ɖσcтσя Ǥιɢɢɛƨ
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    Name: Techno~ Age: 26 birthday nov 5th Gender: Male Home: Missouri USA Status: TAKEN and its not changing Bisexual~&lt;3 I DO NOT date online i have a lovely girlfriend in real life &lt;33 I AM NOT A PEDO so dont call me it yes i do fool around but its nothing serious i act like a 5 yearold cause i want to so dont tell me how to act i am protect've of my friends ''loved ones'' and i hate it when they get hurt even mentally it doesnt take much to piss me off and i wont have a second thought about eating you alive but if your really going to get into a fight with me be sure to know some snappy comebacks cause i'll end it and quickly if your not prepared dont try me..
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