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    I am the unlucky charm...
    <br />
    <br />
    Yo.my names Nicole...i hate my name but it comes with benifits<br />
    sounds like neko(neh-ko)which is japanese for cat which my friends think <br />
    im like,so ya nickname; neko,shadow,dark,raven,chaos,nikki,niku and probably a few more.<br />
    likes:i love poetry, music, nature, writing,tactics, reading, animals and the night time.<br />
    animals: i love all of them, cant help it, they all too cute ^.^.<br />
    personality: i seem bi-polar due to my compleely different personalities.<br />
    normally very calm, very thoughtful with very deep thoughts,sometimes cold and dark, <br />
    cautious,careful and suspicious, i dont trust people easily. <br />
    i help people when they need my help <br />
    and would protect them and my family at any cost, even self sacrifice. <br />
    sometimes happy,fun,random,excited and friendly but depends on my mood.<br />
    if you are looking for an anime similarity i think hinamori amu is the person im most like,<br />
    i guess becuase im lost.<br />
    dislikes:not very into politics, hates hypocracy and ignorance.<br />
    music: i love my music. list of bands: paramore, maroon 5, muse, <br />
    snow patrol, three days grace, kesha,skillet,<br />
    florence and machine,the killers and many more.<br />
    My Life Quote:<br />
    Though my soul may set in Darkness<br />
    It will rise in perfect Light<br />
    I have loved the Stars to fondly<br />
    To be fearful of the Night.<br />
    so ya thats really it about me,but if you have any questions<br />
    just ask<br />
    So this is the unlucky black cat saying later.<br />
    User Image<br />
    ...the black cat Hidden in the night's shadow's
    <br />
    <br />
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