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    <br />
    At this point i give up on this ' About me ' section so i am just going to type,and then leave it alone once and for all. <br />
    My Name is Alessia, My last name is Night.<br />
    Yes,i've been told it's a weird name. <br />
    I like my name,so there.<br />
    I am ADHD,half-deaf,ambidextrous,and old fashioned..i also know ASL.<br />
    I like all kinds of music.<br />
    i enjoy drawing,running,writing and hiking<br />
    especially drawing,i would draw all day if i could.<br />
    i do like to play video games also even though i suck at them<br />
    I like making people smile and laugh<br />
    Currently i volunteer at my local hospital,and am in high school.<br />
    This comes off weird to people,but i like school<br />
    I actually want to get an education and do something with my life<br />
    Crazy huh?(: <br />
    Someday i'm going to travel the world..<br />
    Relationships? Here goes..<br />
    I'm straight.<br />
    I want a guy who can keep up with me ..one who is honest unlike most of the guys nowadays.<br />
    Some guys expect that,when you first get together you have to say ' i love you ' but it doesn't mean anything when neither person actually means it<br />
    I believe those words should only be used with someone you really love<br />
    but that's just my opinion
    <br />
    Lol screw it,love doesn't exist. <br />
    I've been told that i spend entirely to much time on other people and none on myself and the truth is <br />
    I don't mind,i like helping others out with their problems.<br />
    alright now,i think that's enough stuff &gt;.&gt;<br />
    Bada-boom bye! <br />
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