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  • Artist Info: My name is Sai, Not really important at the moment, but I will explain a bit about me…<br />
    I’m not the average teen girl you’d meet. I’m not a girly girl , I think pink can look too luminous and annoying…You may find me totally different but I prefer myself this way…well nearly…<br />
    Most of you wouldn’t believe my story but lets just say I have a burton to carry for now… <br />
    My favourite colours are black, purple/lilac red and sometimes blue. I am always up for a chat now and the ones who choose not to take me seriously then I will ignore them. I do like laugh along with people but only if the joke is necessary. I know I sound really weird but go along with it for now if you please, if you won’t take me seriously then you should leave this page now. I love roleplaying, song writing, novel writing and watching anime/reading manga whenever I can.[<br />
    Well that's all i'll tell you for now I'll leave your view on me up to your imaginations.
    <br />
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