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  • Artist Info: welcome allo and greetings to my private place. My name is Bryan E.A. "Pook" "Drake" "Drakkie" "Lemz" "Llama" "Kodo" "D" Marquez. Have a problem with any of my nicknames and you can kiss the darkest part of my dumb ass! You people are prolly expecting an about me section so i might as well oblige.<br />
    <br />
    I am a <br />
    RP'r<br />
    Artist<br />
    Gamer<br />
    Engineer<br />
    Writier<br />
    Composer<br />
    Crazy person<br />
    Fighter<br />
    Lover<br />
    A proud Aquarius (IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM REFER ABOVE)<br />
    player of my horoscope most the time (Random, silly, loyal, devoted, curious)<br />
    purist in love (if it happens i want it to last, without the bullshit of cheating or taking advantage for sex, SEX ISNT LOVE YOU DAMN KIDS SO STOP IT, if you want to see my ideals on love then get to know me... im no pushover unless i willingly give in)<br />
    <br />
    I am not, nor will i ever be<br />
    dishonest (without cause... and even then i feel too guilty)<br />
    Manwhore! (sorry ladies, i dont care if you find me interesting or if you have the hottest body in the world, if you dont interest me, you will never have me)<br />
    <br />
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